186 St. Team


Veterinarian Assistant


CeeCee comes to us from our sister clinic, Thunderbird Animal Hospital. She has been a Vet assistant for 8 years. She remembers as a child she wanted to become a vet assistant.  CeeCee has had many dogs and cats in her life time and currently has 2 Green Cheek Conures (Birds) Jenni and Luca, as her pets. 

If you ask CeeCee what her favorite part of being a vet assistant is, she will tell you about her experiences about helping to deliver pups and kittens during  Cesarean-sections and being the one to get the little ones breathing on their own.

She will also tell you she loves puppy kisses and puppy breath. CeeCee would never miss an opportunity to cuddle with any puppy!

Cinder Ella

Hostess kitty

Cinder is a Maine Coon and is happy to greet everyone. She purrs very loud and is a great cuddler.


Veterinarian Assistant